Profile Pic Hello, world!

I am a software engineer recently graduated with an honours BSc in computer science, along with internship experience, and a lifetime of practice in programming (all the way back to BASIC!). I’ve also over 10 years of hands-on experience in a variety of IT jobs.

I’m a passionate worker, excited about creating and working with technology, and I show that passion in how I apply myself to my job and my hobbies. My managers and peers have recognized my abilities, leading them to awarded me with promotions rapidly in all my positions and praise my ability to think analytically and learn complex systems quickly.

You will find my knowledge extends to a natural talent for programming, and the ability to create intelligent and elegant code,  I love problem solving, and find myself getting lost in difficult challenges until I can conquer them, such as when I get the lost in an interesting algorithm to work through.

I would love to talk to you about opportunities you have to let me showcase my talent and improve your team!

Andrew Reid East
PGP Public Key: 0x44B6B4C7F1083AA7